Request an account on

Your account will give you access to 1 GB capsule through SFTP (ssh file transfer protocol) or FTP (file tranfer protocol) over TLS.

Send your desired pseudo, you will receive your password.

If you want to use your public ssh key, send it also.

If you do not have an ssh key pair and want to use one, you can create it with openssh on your machine :

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096

Enter a good password when asked.

It will generate two files in your home ".ssh" subdirectory.

  • ~/.ssh/id_rsa : your private key (do not share it)
  • ~/.ssh/ : your public key which need to authorize you to connect to your capsule.
  • where to send information

    You can contact me by email or on Fediverse, send me your desired pseudo and, eventually, the content of your by private message. Your public key can be shared without any precautions (because it is public !)

    openpgp pub key of